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The Bird is a blend of triple distilled grain and malt whiskies married together in oloroso sherry oak casks for over 12 months and then blended with triple distilled single grain and single malt whiskies matured in ex bourbon oak casks. Non Chill Filtered and matured, bottled and blended exclusively by Flying Tumbler at Carlow Brewing Company. Initially only 390 bottles available.

ABV: 43%
Volume: 70cl
Filtering: Non Chill Filtered
Casks: 5921, 4384, 4406, 4407, 225/28/05/12
Blend: Grain 70%, Malt 25%, Premium Blend 5%

Tasting Notes 
Butterscotch, lychee, toffee, stewed apple, cinnamon. Red fruit mid palate. Dry nutty finish. Hint of sweet clove. Citrus and orange peel.

Sale & Fulfillment
Sale & Fulfillment Partner: Brewery Corner, Kilkenny.

This product comes in a tube.

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