Flying Tumbler Irish Whiskey

Flying Tumbler Whiskey is an independent Irish whiskey bottler from Co Carlow. We custom source whiskey spirit to our specification and then mature, blend and bottle everything ourselves in Co Carlow, Ireland. We currently have three bottlings on the market for sale through off premise, on premise and online. 

The founders story is one of a return home to do something they are passionate about. Taking inspiration from the Irish flying tumbler, a pigeon with a natural beacon for home. It can fly for days from anywhere in the world to reach the home loft. After years apart, the Walsh boys returned to Ireland and worked with distilling experts to release small batches of independent Irish Whiskey that tell stories of their travels.


  • Patrick Walsh


    Co-founder and head of day to day operations at Flying Tumbler.

  • Thomas Walsh


    Co founder and head of sales based in North America.

  • Jen McGinnell


    Co-founder and head of finance.

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  • MS-Walker


    Distributor of Flying Tumbler in the USA

  • MHW


    US importer and compliance partner.

  • Carlow Brewing Company

    Bottling, maturation and distribution partner

    One of Ireland's first craft breweries based in Bagenalstown Co Carlow. This is where we bottle all of our whiskey. We also mature some of our stock here. Carlow Brewing Company also distribute our whiskey throughout Ireland.

  • IT Carlow

    Knowledge Partner

    ITC have worked with Flying Tumbler across a number of knowledge areas including marketing and technical know how through their brewing and distilling capabilities.

  • Carlow Local Enterprise Office

    Grant Support

    Carlow Local Enterprise Office provided funding assistance.





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Quirky independent light whiskey blend matured in bourbon & oloroso barrels. Hints of citrus/dried fruits which is quite mellow and a pleasant. Very light burn, not overpowering, I tried it neat but possibly would benefit from a drop of water next time round. Pretty unique scent. Aesthetically it has a nice quirky design which is a departure from the typical Irish Whiskey style and a bottle more similar to Japanese styles with individually inscribed batch numbering on each bottle & tube.


A solid Irish whiskey, not made like this often enough


Quite soft and citrusy on the nose with floral hints - reminds me of some bourbons. On the palate a bit more grain than malt. Some vanilla and dried fruits. When it opens up a bit, you get a bit more. It's like putting the volume up a couple of notches.

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