Hydrometer & JarHydrometer & Jar

Our Craft

How we do it.

From our base in Co Carlow, Ireland, we source, mature, blend and bottle every drop of Flying Tumbler Irish Whiskey. Check out our five stage process below.

Row of Casks Row of Casks


Finding the best irish whiskey spirit.
Casks in Van Casks in Van


Giving our whiskey time to mature.
Testing Casks Testing Casks


Ensuring we're on track.
Notes and Hydrometer Notes and Hydrometer

Blending & Cut Back

Where science meets art.
Filling Bottles Filling Bottles


We bottle every drop ourselves.

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The Tippler
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The Roller
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The Bird

Small Batch Whiskeymakers

Like the cuckoo who uses other birds nests, we've been fortunate to have the use of facilities at Carlow Brewing Company.

Our Crew

Our initial foray into indie whiskey bottling. We bottled our inaugural version of the Bird from this run.

First Run Group
Impeller Pump
Bottling Area
Small Batch

Blending and bottling the Tippler, Roller and Bird.