The Pigeon

Our Name

Our name is part of our DNA. We take our name from the Irish Flying Tumbler, a daring, fun loving, inquisitive and intelligent pigeon.

The Pigeon

The Irish Flying Tumbler is a pigeon native to Ireland known for its feathery legs and daring temperament. It leaves its home loft on its daily adventures not knowing what's in store.

An Innate Sense

Endowed with an innate homing ability, the Flying Tumbler can travel great distances and endure all manner of storms and tempests.

The Return Home

But in the end, the Flying Tumbler will always return home to the loft from where it set off.


The Founders Return

We take our inspiration from the Irish Flying Tumbler, its daring, fun loving and brave nature and its innate ability to return home.

The Walsh boys left home and travelled the world for many years. They returned to Ireland and worked with distilling experts to release small batches of independent Irish Whiskey that tell stories of their travels.



We invite you to enjoy Flying Tumbler Irish whiskey sharing stories of your travels in the company of family and friends.