The Flying Tumbler Story

The Flying Tumbler Story

Flying Tumbler Irish Whiskey is a story of family, homecoming and looking into the bold future. Founded by brothers Patrick and Thomas, cousin Eric and Patrick’s wife Jen, the Walsh family have deep roots in County Carlow.

The family farm at Larch Grove in Carlow, is renowned for its limestone soil quality. The micro-climate wherein the farm is situated lends itself to conditions which are ideal for growing quality distilling barley and wheat. The family’s history of growing award winning distilling crops was one of the inspiring factors that brought the Walsh’s together to create a unique whiskey brand.

The foundations of the brand come, not just from the family’s history but the desire to build something from the inspirations they found on their travels further afield. With Patrick & Jen in London, Eric in Berlin and Thomas in Boston, the contributions to the essence of the brand have been multifaceted.

The brand name comes from the Irish Flying Tumbler, which is a pigeon with a natural beacon for home. It can fly for days from anywhere in the world but always has the north star of home to reach for.

Each element of design, branding and bottling is done in house and working in tandem with distilling experts they have released small batches of independent Irish Whiskey.