Flying Tumbler sets sail for North America

Shipment to North America

Exports to the USA

We are pleased to confirm that in late October we shipped our first consignment of Flying Tumbler to the USA. Our flagship house blend 'The Bird' will initially be available in New York through our distributor MHW and also in Massachusetts in select on and off premise locations. Flying Tumbler will also be available online in various states. Flying Tumbler is well positioned to take advantage of the opportunity presented in the US market as we already have a sales team on the ground in Boston and New York.

Signing with our Importer

Flying Tumbler has signed with MHW to import our products into North America from 2021. MHW will also distribute 'The Bird' in New York, New Jersey, California and Florida under a direct to retail model. MHW is a nationally licensed importer, distributor, and service provider for both developing and established brands in the beer, wine, and spirits industry. Based in New York, MHW will act as both importer and distributor for Flying Tumbler while also fulfilling a range of back office functions including licensing, invoicing, stock management, fulfilment and compliance.  MHW act for well know brands including Flaming Pig, Wyborowa, Compass Box and Leblon. Flying Tumbler will take advantage of reduced federal excise tax rates afforded by the re-enactment of the CBMA legislation and this will give us a distinct advantage in the outset.