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Our Story

the return home

The Team

Sharing a passion for Irish Whiskey, we've returned to our roots to source, mature, blend and bottle Irish Whiskey that surprises and delights.

Patrick Walsh

Patrick Walsh

As head of operations, Patrick oversees the day to day running of the business. A member of the institute of Brewing & Distilling, he is passionate about bottling interesting whiskey.

Favorite Whiskey - Green Spot

Thomas Walsh

Thomas Walsh

Thomas oversees all sales at Flying Tumbler. A huge whiskey nut, he assists with all aspects of sourcing and maturation in addition to final approval of spirit for bottling.

Favorite Whiskey - Redbreast Lustau

Jen McGinnell

Jen is the finance head of the business. She has a soft spot for delicate single malts with a hint of fruit. The financial brains of the operation.

Favorite Whiskey - Nikka Miyagikyo Single Malt

Jen McGinnell

Our Story

Having travelled the world, our innate sense of place drew us back home to follow our passion for whiskey.

Our Name & Inspiration

Irish Flying Tumblers are a breed of pigeon who leave home in search of adventure but who ultimately always return home. It is from this brave adventurer that we take our inspiration and name.

Pigeon Graphic
Malting Barley Cup
Home Loft
Our Heritage

Our family has grown award winning malting barley on our farm for generations. Continuing this agrarian tradition is important to us.

The TipplerThe RollerThe Bird

Indie Whiskey

The Bird, Tippler and Roller are on sale now.

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